Starscape is a British anthology comic inspired by the excitement of 2000AD, Valiant and the Mighty World of Marvel.

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Starscape Presents: DEAD / OUIJA (TPB)

Three complete tales from the new master of horror, Gary Simpson. DEAD: the living dead have invaded the Wild West and only one kick-ass beautiful female sheriff stands between the frightened townsfolk and zombie hell! Art by LEE O'CONNOR (Heavy Metal, Vurt, Confessional). OUIJA I & II:

Born with a mysterious tattoo of a Ouija board on his breast, Sebastian is able to call forth demons and speak to the dead. Will his desire for vengeance and battle against the supernatural lead to salvation or doom? Art by TIM YOULDEN.

80 pages, Perfect-bound Paperback. 16.84 x 26.04 cm.

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Starscape Presents: PLANETFALL (TPB)

Written and Illustrated by Chris Smillie, Jason Quinn, Renzo Podesta, Aaron Murphy, David Pike, Pedro Cruz, Nic Williams

The Deterrent dies, long die the Deterrent! It's Star Wars v Spider-Man in this origin issue. Guard Dogs - Cockchester's finest heroes! Imagine The Office meets The Batman. That's the Guard Dogs. The Lash fight for survival and to learn the secret of his creation in...Damage Circus!

A selection of original stories from Starscape comic, featuring Guard Dogs (origin + Harehills Bad Boys) written by Jason Quinn (Spider-Man, Commando, Power Rangers), the Deterrent ('reminiscent of [Alan] Moore's Marvelman), the silly superheroine of Monosense Girl, futuristic droid wars in Damage Circus, plus sci-fi horror in the Hitcher by 2000AD's Gary Wilkinson.

100 pages, Perfect-bound Paperback. 16.84 x 26.04 cm.     

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Red Sands 1 (comic)

At the end of 1994, Alex Ronald wrote and drew his first comic, with the intention of getting noticed by 2000AD. One year later, he was a regular artist for the comic, being the artist for mega-hero Judge Dredd.

RED SANDS is an enthralling tale of colonists, tyrants and anti-heroes set in a futuristic 'gold rush'.

For fans of 2000AD; Judge Dredd; Strontium Dog; Missionary Man

32 pages, 6.63" x 10.25" (US comic sized)

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Red Sands 2.1 (comic)

'MOUTHFUL OF MAGGOTS' The thing about lynchin's is you gotta get 'em right. You mess up an' yer intended corpse is more 'an likely ta end up lynchin' you...'an muties take a lot o' killin'!

Cover by 2000AD's Alex Ronald, story by Matthew McLaughlin, with art by Bruce McLaren. Letters by Bolt-01. File under 'bloody but unbowed'

For fans of 2000AD; Judge Dredd; Strontium Dog; Missionary Man

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Starscape Storypaper is an update on the traditional storypaper (e.g. Hotspur, Union Jack, The Marvel etc) and penny dreadfuls of yesteryear. It's an A6 pocketbook of around 50 pages (very handy for the train or bus) of the sci-fi, fantasy, superhero and horror genre. The pocketbook contains both serials and one-shots with a fair splattering of awesome covers and spot illustrations.

The Knights of Eternity
Chris Smillie-Alex Ronald-Alex McCarthy
Merlin conquers time but what does the Son of the Devil need the Ankh of Time for? Find out as we meet Seth as he becomes The Eternal - 'The Man Cursed To Live'!

Extermination Theory
Matthew McLaughlin-Dustin Parr
Even in the future, pest control is a nasty business - especially when it's Mankind versus gruesome alien bug!

Identity Unhidden
Shaun Avery-Ivan Eight
Dressing in longjohns and fighting supervillains isn't the career most mothers want for their son but has the Attendant met his match as he confronts the Big Boss?

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Myebook - Captain Britain: Return of the Reaver - click here to open my ebook

Classic CAPTAIN BRITAIN: the Darkmoor Saga:

Part 1: Return of the Reaver

After gaining the Star-Sceptre, Captain Britain returns to Darkmoor Research Facility - the scene of his birth as a superhero. But the tranquility is shattered by the re-appearance of Cap's first foe, The REAVER!! But what larger mystery surrounds the return of the holder of the Sword of Might?

Myebook - What if the Fantastic Four hadn't stopped Galactus? - click here to open my ebookWhat if the Fantastic Four hadn't stopped Galactus?

For the first time in creation, Galactus was denied! Through the actions of the Watcher, the Human Torch was able to retrieve the Ultimate Nullifier and dissuade the Planet Devourer from destroying Earth. But what if the Watcher had kept to his oath of non-interference? What if the Fantastic Four hadn't stopped Galactus? Guest starring members of the Avengers and Defenders. A re-imagining of FF #48-50.

Myebook - Silver Surfer v Superman & Batman - click here to open my ebook

Silver Surfer versus World's Finest: Superman & Batman

In an attempt to escape the barrier erected by Galactus around Earth, the Silver Surfer breaks through an inter-dimensional rift to the DC Universe. Such an outpouring of energy, however, does not go unnoticed by this World's Finest heroes... Written by Chris Smillie

Myebook - SPACE: 1999 'The Vanishing Web' [complete story] - click here to open my ebook

SPACE: 1999
The Vanishing Web

Following an accident with exploding nuclear waste, the crew of Moonbase Alpha find themselves marooned and adrift in space. Coming across a massive technological array, the Alphans must wonder what new deadly threat awaits them now.  Written by Chris Smillie.

Myebook - Spider-Man: What if Captain Stacy had lived? - click here to open my ebook

Spider-Man: Captain Stacy had lived?

The death of Captain George Stacy, father of Gwen, marked the beginning of the blackest period in Spider-Man's life. But what if, by some strange quirk of fate, Stacy had not perished? What if Captain Stacy had lived?  Written by Chris Smillie.

Myebook - Spider-Man and Thor v Hulk - click here to open my ebook

Spider-Man & Thor v Hulk

Spidey is in for a surprise as he bends the truth to gain a study vacation in Florida. For there's a Green Goliath ready to meet him. And his only hope? Thor, the Asgardian god of thunder. But first, Web-Head needs to save him! Includes full prose story plus comic script. Written by Chris Smillie.


The beginnings of Starscape (though I had no idea at the time) had its roots deep in my childhood imagination. I was lucky in that Central Scotland always had plenty of comics for sale. Not only was the 1970s (for I was born in the late 60s) a boom time for British comics but we also had a plentiful supply of US comics, including DC, which were pretty difficult to get then. Indeed, Paisley had probably the world's oldest comic shop in Yankee Mags, which began life in the 1940s!

The favourite comics of my childhood were undoubtedly Captain Britain weekly and Starlord, so it was only natural that I should name my own comic after these titles (STARsCAPe). CB really excited us at the time. Stan 'the Man' Lee appeared on, at least, Scottish programmes to promote Cap and the stories were something else. Although much derided now, I think it deserves critical re-examination. Chris Claremont wrote some classic bronze age style stories with some great villains. The Reaver should have become a bigger character than a one-shot, whilst Hurricane could have been a villain with enough power to take on the likes of the Hulk and maybe even Thor! The Dr Synne/Mastermind story was absolutely wonderful, combining the supernatural, super-villains, snow-covered landscapes and sci-fi super machines! That's not to mention the fabulous Fantastic Four stories with the Galactus and Gabriel the Air-Walker saga - definately one of my favourite Marvel stories.

Starlord was a companion title to 2000AD. Boasting higher quality paper and more colour, the stories just had that little bit more edge than 2000AD (which was also wonderful). Not so long ago, it was revealed that at the time of the merger, Starlord actually outsold 2000AD. And that 9/11 style centrespread from Ro-Busters was just something else!

Other weekly titles I had a regular order for included Super Spider-Man, Buster, Hulk, Whizzer & Chips, 2000AD, Krazy (THE best humour comic), Cheeky, Tornado (again excellent), Whoopee!, Vulcan, Bullet, Team-Up, Plug (no doubt others I can't remember offhand) with me also picking up Action, Battle, Hotspur, Victor, Sparky, Rampage, Mighty World of Marvel, Look-In and a million others. Thanks to my mother and grandparents for that hefty bill! Though my mother has to take some of the blame - y'see she bought her golden age Captain Marvel at Yankee Mags when she was a girl and the first comic I remember reading was Shazam Family!

Chris Smillie